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Easiest to earn WLS on autopilot

So the first thing you have to do is to download an app called "Auto Clicker" You can use any of the ones listed. Most of them do not need any root requirement, so you can use this without having to root your phone. Go to a world with free bfg and start farming. Put the first icon in ur punch button then the 2nd and 3rd to the place you want to place ur blocks. Make sure during this process the item you're selecting in your bagpack is the magplant remote. Once you've earned more than 10 000 gems buy packs in the store and sell them and a pretty decent price at 3-6 wls per pack

Jumat, 06 Juli 2018


From now on I will be actively posting new methods to get rich again!😀
New methods upcoming for every week with pictures!
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So this guide is quite easy make 2000 seeds and you will farm it until it reaches 4000 then sell it and will get a bunch of wls
Supplies To Make 100 Trees
*130 Ice Seed
*130Window Seed
*130 Wooden Backgorund Seed
*100Glass Pane Seed

Window + Wooden Backgorund = Wooden Window
Wooden Window + Ice = FishBowl
FishBowl + Glass Pane = Fish Tank

Wooden Window Grow Time : 21min
Fish Bowl Grow Time : 18h 6m 40s
Fish Tank Grow Time : a day [Not Sure]

Selasa, 17 Mei 2016

Double Your World locks with this method

For example: you spend 10 wls on this method, you will got 20+ wls of return
Her is how it work
Buy the cheapest pastle purple FLOWER block seeds(150-200/wl)
And plant them all
Use the block and change them all to carni ticket and sell it 60/wl
It work well for me

IGN: MrMightyDirt 
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Jumat, 13 Mei 2016

Woshipaul Guide to Richness

Woshipaul's POV
as so many have asked me how do i get rich and stuff.
i shall teach u a simple guide that i been using my gt life. it got me scammed many times when i was a noob to realise it.

i first was farming pinballs and blackrocks, like anyother ppl. then i moved on to chands. i started from 2k seeds and slowly keep on growing the seeds into more. with the gems i have. i sell sbs for overpay. example 5k gems(i sell for 7-8wls) this way ppl would buy them and feel trusted. of course i have no reason to scam ppl or ever did. so with all the earnings from sbs. i went to buy more seeds and grow my seeds counts to 14k.( why 14,000 seeds you may ask.). i have 7 farms that i plant them daily 1 each day. so everyday i will be breaking close to 10k blocks and replanting them again. with the extra seeds( of about 200+) i will replant so each farm will have exponential growth rate daily. i kept this up till i had about 30k seeds and i sold half of them for atms. at that time atms were really expensive(3.5wl) each. so i continue this boring and painful process till i had 10k atms. at this point of time. zachcotton was the owner of nasdaq and he was selling it for 260dls. of course there's competitors such as theyab20 who was fighting with me over it. but sydefx came to me one day interested to buy all my atms for pure wls. of which i sold him about 7k atms for 210dls. and i borrowed some dls from my friend icebang. and got hold of nasdaq.

as you all know when i had nasdaq for the very first time, i am still not very familar with price setting and i have tons of positive/negative feedback like why price change so fast. (i was updating 3-4 times a day). trust me it was crazy.

I also admit that i sold quite a large number of portals when i first had nasdaq. there's like 6-8 portals and i was selling at 100-120wls per day. so just imagine all the portals are taken every single day and for 1 full month i made about 200+dls just on portal links. by then LOL the owner of CASINO saw nasdaq as a uber portal link opportunity to boost his already famous CASINO and he offered to buy nasdaq for 600DLS pure. of which i sold it to him(without items). and used the 600dls+ my then golden/expensive items and i fully invested in multiple trade+letter worlds. at that point of time it was really cheap. 150-200dls per world? i bought as many as i could and continue selling portals and saving the dls to buy more worlds and small locks. at that point of time. i have already own tradec,tradef,tradeg,tradew,tradev,tradex,tradez,w oshi. (total of 8 trade worlds). each value at 3-4 times the actual price i paid for them 1months ago. and when the news of casinos from seth and hamumu came that there were plans of casinos being close. the prices of trade/price worlds shot up crazily. i then saw another opportunity to sell the worlds at their already heavily priced and make that profit to buy back nasdaq.

also i have made many small investments such as the already famous 70pwings and many others. This is how i do it and hope it helps you. i am not sure about you but it works for me. this is just a sharing topic as many ppl have been asking and i am lazy to keep repeating the same story over and over again. 

PS. i'm an working adult going into my 30's soon. and i am soon to complete my Masters in marketing.(google that). Just put what you learn in real life and set it to work in GT and its easy
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another way this time without doing anything


                     You want to get more wls without doing anything?all you have to do is just wait?
Heres the way to get more wls by not doing anything.Its easy you will have to invest to me minimum investment is 5wls i will give back 20% of how much u invest.If you are thinking this is a scam dont do it because I'm not forcing you guys at all.If you are interested please leave a comment at qwezyx at its public board i will know if its you but add #Deroment because i dont want any confusions I will respond you if I see you online. Thanks!

Kamis, 24 Maret 2016

Another way! to get wls

Well you like to play parkours but sometimes u felt u wont get any income dont worry now you get prizes for completing parkours I'm not promoting worlds for them to get tokens but this is a legit parkour world its called the sheparkour.Good luck!

Easiest to earn WLS on autopilot

So the first thing you have to do is to download an app called "Auto Clicker" You can use any of the ones listed. Most of them do...